You may or may not know, but the hottest beauty trend for summer 2018 is the naturally effortless, barely there makeup look. It's a personal favourite of mine because I look flawless while appearing like I have not a stitch of makeup on!

Here's how you can achieve it in 4 quick steps:



1) CLEANSE + EXFOLIATE THE SKIN: Every beauty routine should begin with a gentle wash + mini exfoliation of the skin. Apply a few pumps of the Mèreadesso Face + Neck Cleanser to the skin and gently buff it with the microfibre cloth. This gets rid of any dead surface cells, creating the perfect palette for your 'natural' look.
2) SHEER COVERAGE: Let's store away the heavy concealers (until next Winter) and use a more lightweight product, such as our Mèreadesso Tinted Moisturizer. Looking flawless but with seemingly no effort is exactly the effect that the Tinted Moisturizer's nutritional formula will provide ... in one easy step!
3) SPF IS YOUR FRIEND: The Mèreadesso product line does not contain any SPF, so you must apply a sunscreen on top - we recommend a "dry touch" formula to avoid messing up the previous step! Putting the sunscreen on after ensures that your skin is able to absorb all the important vitamins and antioxidants that are included in the moisturizer.
4) ADD A POP OF COLOUR: The final step is simple, add some natural colour to your look! Apply the Mèreadesso Tinted Sheer Lip Treats to your lips, cheeks or eyes! The luscious moisturizing product offer with a hint of colour to dress up each and every look. 
- Linda Stephenson, Mèreadesso Founder & CEO